Cute Boots

Cute Boots, a band name and pairing of words that you can't seem to shake, follows suit with the music-a soaring and honest Americana deliverance. While gearing up to record their first full-length album in years, Cute Boots took the time to answer some questions for BANG! about now, then and the future. In alignment with their shows, however, they decided to leave the public relations to who does the most talking during their performances: the characters they take on.

BANG! So, how does a band get a name like Cute Boots?

Chief Well, we'd been playin' music together for a while, it was at least 6 years I think, 'cause I remember my boy'd just been born the day before the first show we ever did, which was at VFW Hall #471 in Acworth, Georgia. We'd just celebrated his 6th birthday I believe, the very night before a gig we did at The Filmore and the opener that night, Gerald Hawkins, introduced us as Cute Boots for some reason. Later he told me he'd been high on PCP... Put on a hell of a show under the influence lookin' back, and we ran with the name I guess. That good?

BANG! Do you think that Americana is growing in terms of creative contributors, and if so how do you guys plan to counter that?

Otis Well, Americana has certainly always had an audience and no shortage of contributors, and lately we've been seeing more and more stand-out contemporary contributors to the genre, which is exciting. It's hard to stand out among the many talented singer-songwriters out there.

Our hope is that we'll be able to continue to make music that's sincere and means something to us, in hopes that it'll find an audience that can share in the experience.

BANG! How does touring affect the way the music is conveyed?

Dr. Thumps Well, when we first started touring, I just had my walkman, and that's how I listened to music. Now, when I go on the road, I use what's called a discman. That thing can play a CD, holds 'bout 17 songs on it. You can rewind it, fast forward it, you can pause it. I even got these cool headphones called Skull Candies. Ain't candy, though. Learned that the hard way. Anyway, listening to music on tour's great!

BANG! Since your audience is growing, which songs have garnered more and more fan appreciation?

Dr. Thumps We've found that folks our into our songs The Wire and Carolina Highway, or maybe they're just my favorite, but they seem to always get people movin', which I love to see. We've got some really powerful new material we're workin' on that I think people will take to nicely. I'm lookin' forward to introducing 'em to everyone live and seeing how they hold up against the stuff we've been playin'.


BANG! Is there a certain procedure to writing a Cute Boots song? Who takes care of what-or is it spontaneous?

Cyclone Charlie Ab, D#, Ab, D#, F(m)

Otis Let me translate. What Charlie's saying is that a lot of the songs are folk songs I thought up on the piano that are just pieces and ideas half the time. I'll take 'em into practice with the guys, and they all bring something to the table. Our best tunes have come out of collaborative writing efforts.

BANG! In your opinion, what themes do you find yourself writing about more than others?

Otis I find myself writing a lot about relationships, particularly within my family, my band, and every once in a while, girls. It's always fun to see what other themes pop up in my songs to my surprise, like how writing a song about my son turned into a song about Kudzu, Exes, and facing problems.

BANG! What can we look forward to in the near future from Cute Boots?

Chief We're fixin to go into the studio and record a full length album. First one we've done in years. We haven't come up with the name for it yet, couple of ideas so far have been, "Don't Walk On Those Train Tracks Like That Or You'll Get Your Foot Caught," "Quiet...I'm Thinkin," "Medium Rare," "There's A Big Blue Sky And I'm Whistlin Vol. 2," "Is That A Bear Or A Politician?" "How Come?!"...We're still brainstormin. Okay, bye now.

So, now you've been introduced, but it's always best to put a name to an instrument. For future performances, album updates and anything else Cute Boots related check out their website here.

-Miles Jenson