Scoutmob Shoppe

Scoutmob, already a great avenue to find events and deals on the local scale, has yet another gem to offer in its Shoppe, a composition of creations crafted by resident artists who bring compelling and cool back stories to the table. Pulling from the creative minds in the cities of D.C., Atlanta, San Francisco, and New York City, Shoppe’s curator Allie Bashuk picks pieces to sell online. Bashuk describes the variety of merchandise from “five-dollar magnets to higher-priced items like one thousand dollar furniture.” Bashuk is constantly on the lookout for clothing, jewelry, artwork,homegoods, food stuffs, accessories, etc. Other hot items have included flasks, posters, and custom shorts and shirts. Take a gander at the Shoppe and behold what innovative minds have put together in back yards across the U.S. (Miles Jenson)

Check out all the goodies at: