PARADISE GARDEN | Howard Finster’s Legacy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Wednesday August 20, 2014 - Atlanta, GA

Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden, near Summerville, Ga., was in a state of peril, a deteriorated and fragile visionary art environment, until the Paradise Garden Foundation reclaimed, reopened and renovated the long vacant property. Director, Ava Leigh Stewart, and the team at Art West Film, documented the revival for several years until Paradise Garden reopened in 2013.   The  documentary film, PARADISE GARDEN, shows how art can thrive outside of museums and galleries in ordinary places and in everyday objects, through the story of Howard Finster.  

I took the pieces you threw away, put them together by night and day. Washed by the rain. Dried by the sun. A million pieces all in one.
— Howard Finster

Finster’s inspired and uncomplicated work gained recognition in the 80’s as an icon of influence for the music and album covers of R.E.M., Talking Heads, as well as artists like Keith Haring and Steve Penley. This film is captures the spirit of his continuing legacy and takes his messages to a new audience. Presented by The Goat Farm Arts Center, PARADISE GARDEN will have a special screening on Tuesday, November the 18th at 7pm in Goodson Yard.

The documentary film, PARADISE  GARDEN, is a recipient of The Goat Farm Arts Center’s Arts Investment Package (AIP). The Goat Farm’s AIP vehicle funds, produces, and presents experimental & innovative works that disturb normal patterns and excite new thinking. The Goat Farm’s Review Board recognizes that consistent vanguard arts programming contributes to Atlanta’s global relevance.


Howard Finster  [1915-2001] is celebrated as one of the great masters of Outsider or Folk Art, and was called by God to create sacred art. Finster is well known for creating a number of album covers for popular music acts during the last third of the 20th century, but more imposing in stature is the complex of buildings and sculpture he has wrought from his visions in Chattooga County. After his death in 2001, the Paradise Garden Foundation was formed to protect the installation, with assistance from Chattooga County and the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.

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WHAT: Paradise Garden (film screening)

WHERE: The Goat Farm Arts Center, Goodson Yard, 1200 Foster Street, Atlanta, GA

WHEN: November 18, 2014, 7pm

PRICE FOR ADMISSION: FREE  (Donations accepted)






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