P A N D R O G E N Y | Experiments in Identity

P A N D R O G E N Y | Experiments in Identity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Monday August 18, 2014 - Atlanta, GA

In a deconstruction of differences to establish a system of unified similarities, PANDROGENY is a series of experiments in identity. A collection of artifacts in the form of film, objects and sculptural performance, Branden M. Collin’s PANDROGENY will be presented by Erikson Clock,  a Goat Farm Arts Center satellite, on November 14, 2014.

Pandrogeny is the conscious embracing of gender roles, sexual orientations, or cultural traditions so as to render the person's original identity completely indecipherable. It is the “third gender” as it is sometimes referred to, a type of gender-neutral living being more akin to the OTHER, or internal self. Pandrogeny is not about defining differences but about creating similarities, not about separation but about unification and resolution.

This is a concept that resonates with me and something that I stumbled upon in the midst of my own personal creative evolution. It’s something that is very much a part of our contemporary culture but also very much attaches us to our ancestry & an awareness of a collective “identity” of sorts.
— Branden Collins

PANDROGENY | Experiments in Identity opens at Erikson Clock on Friday November 14th with a live performance by Branden in full costume, dancing through the space. The exhibition runs through Sunday November 30th.

PANDROGENY is a recipient of the Goat Farm Arts Center’s Arts Investment Package (AIP). The Goat Farm’s AIP vehicle funds, produces & presents experimental & innovative works that “pattern-break” & excite new thinking.  The Goat Farm’s Review Board recognizes that consistent vanguard arts programming contributes to Atlanta’s global relevancy.


What: PANDROGENY| Experiments in Identity (art exhibit)

When: Nov 14th, opening reception featuring Branden M Collins, full performance 8pm, exhibit runs through Sunday November 30.

Gallery Hours: Sat. 5pm-8pm, Sun. 2pm-6pm and by appointment

Where: Erikson Clock, 364 Nelson Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30318


VIDEO: http://theyoungneversleep.com/Communication

WEB: http://theyoungneversleep.com/Film-1


The Young Never Sleep is the Atlanta-based, interdisciplinary studio of Branden M. Collins. Branden is a designer with Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, collaborator and performer.



Believing the arts to be an economic driver for Atlanta, the Goat Farm Arts Center provides its performance and exhibition halls through a curatorial process. Once selected the Goat Farm invests in and works with the artists and/or performance groups to actualize the concept.

All Goat Farm Recipients receive its AIP (Arts Investment Package) which includes financial assistance, direct funding, production assistance, marketing assistance and rehearsal / performance / exhibition / classroom space.




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