GTlork | Laptop + Live instrumentalist Ensembles

GTlork | Laptop + Live instrumentalist Ensembles

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Monday, March 17th, 2014 - Atlanta, GA -

The Goat Farm Arts Center presents a performance by the Georgia Tech Laptop Orchestra & New Music Ensemble on Thursday April 17th at 7pm. A showcase of student composition utilizing a combination of digital works and live instrumentalists, GTlork promises to bridge the gap between intellectual platforms while simultaneously stimulating multiple senses.

GTlork is a part of The School of Music and Center for Music Technology in Georgia Tech's College of Architecture. They champion advancements in music creation, performance, and consumption through transformative technological research, critically-acclaimed performances and events, and an undergraduate minor and graduate masters and PhD program in music technology.

The concert also includes Georgia Tech professor Jason Freeman's MTRX and guest composer John Gibson's Windfarm (, along with video created by Alessandra Hoshor (

This Concert is FREE and open to the public.

Student Works to be Presented:

Title: "Symbolic Dimensions"

Members: Cameron Summers, Robert Basilio, Govinda Pingali, Menwei Gu

Description: "Symbolic Dimensions rethinks the interpretation of traditional musical notation and uses real-time creation and manipulation of notation to discover a unique collaboration between computer algorithms, live instrumentalists, and laptop musicians. A projection of this interaction is visible to the audience engaging multiple senses of the listener and providing insight into the underlying structure of the sounds."

Title: "Ekta" (pronounced ache-ta). It means unity in Hindi.

Members: Deepak Gopinath, Ying-Shu Kuo, Anand MAHADEVAN, Yujia Yan, Shaoduo Xie

Description: " .... Every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. You are all stardust"

Title: “Treasure Islands”

Members: TAKAHIKO TSUCHIYA, Aditya JOGLEKAR, Annie Zhang, Chris Ernst

Description: Treasure Islands is an interactive platform which facilitates collaboration between laptop players and instrumentalists to create music while winning a game. Working together, the players explore familiar lands and remember famous video game

Title: “Genequencer”

Members: Chih-Wei, Xinyuan Lai, Aneesh VARTAKAVI, Brad Short

Description: Genequencer is a piece that allows acoustic and laptop musicians to collaboratively create music by borrowing and sharing building blocks, or 'genes'. It also provides a platform for users to interact with a Genetic Algorithm to create an evolving composition with unexpected, yet familiar motifs.

Title: “Impossible Mission”


Description: A piece written for Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Euphonium, 3 laptop musicians and 3 puzzle solvers. The music tells a story of solving a jig-saw puzzle that eventually unfolds the score for the musicians to play.

Title: “Fusiform”

Members: Chris Howe, Raja Raman, Ziwen Fan, Xinquan Zhou

Description: A performance controlled by facial expressions, wherein laptop performers affect the acoustic musicians signal with various effects via web cam control. "

WHAT: GTlork | Laptop + Live instrumentalist Ensembles

WHEN: Thursday April 17, 2014, 8pm

WHERE: The Goat Farm Arts Center, 1200 Foster Street, Atlanta, GA 30318" "






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