A Tribute to the Incomparable Lolo!

Our dear friend, coworker, collaborator and wild card Laurel is leaving BANG! We thought it would be nice to send her off with a few kind words.  Here is a farewell of sorts to commemorate her time here and the glittering whirlwind she brought along with her.

When one thinks of the word “bang”, explosions, gunshots and fireworks come to mind.  It is in those bursts of sound, color and vibrancy that the essence of our dear friend Laurel Ashton is captured. Like a lit cigarette flicked into a puddle of gasoline or a Molotov cocktail chucked at a school bus, our Laurel or “Lolo” as we endearingly call her ignited a force to be reckoned with. This light gleamed in the eyes of Bang! and all other clients she worked with, cultivating a sensibility of confidence with a dash of fearlessness and a double count of fun. Lolo’s tango with Bang! has ended, and though we will miss her, we know that whatever  she decides to do she will do it well, and we’d like to extend our most sincere gratitude towards her time here.  Your hard work, loyalty and dedication have left some big stilettos to fill, and we know that no one will be able to twerk as steadily as you have. It is through your fun loving attitude and moxy that you have attracted your opportunities and it is through your loyalty and heart of gold that you have kept them and flourished.  Your time here has been cherished and the overall candor of your spirit is unrivaled. Good luck on you next adventures, Lolo, and know that you certainly provided a bang for the buck.