D_MPSTERS | A Curated Series for ELEVATE

 The Goat Farm Arts Center curates for ELEVATE October 17-October 23. 

The Goat Farm Arts Center curates for ELEVATE October 17-October 23. 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Monday September 8, 2014 - Atlanta, GA -

The Goat Farm Arts Center is known for curating and presenting some of the most innovative experiments in genre defying experiences, encouraging creatives to push personal boundaries while creating a vehicle to “excite new thinking & pattern break.”  D_MPSTERS is a Goat Farm Arts Center curated program utilizing 10 dumpsters to create visual art environments scattered throughout the Atlanta cityscape. DUMPSTERS will be on display as a part of the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs week-long ELEVATE 2014 public art celebration. The exhibitions will be open to the public Friday October 17th and continue until Thursday, October 23rd.  All exhibits are free and open to the public.

At Goat Farm we’ve learned how to implement what we call a ‘Gravity Center’ model. We know how to attract creatives and the businesses they operate. We are very interested in downtown right now. We have been planning our 2015 calendar for a few months and much of our planned activity is projected to be downtown outside of Goat Farm. We have already started presenting programming around the city to test the waters.
Elevate’s mission fits nicely into our discussions.
— Anthony Harper, Goat Farm Arts Center Owner on D_MPSTER PROJECT

Harper continues by saying, "We are even creating a type of ‘location program’ to be announced soon to help populate empty or largely vacant areas of downtown with productive creative businesses, tech start ups, artists & small manufacturers. Through developing stakeholder partnerships, we are going to try and place artists and businesses in our “location program”in hopes of contributing to population density in key areas.  That's the idea.  We'll see how the experiment goes."

This legion of D_MPSTERS will be transformed by a highly curated selection of artists. The artists and performers include: Second Story, The Young Never Sleep, Kris Pilcher, Dustin Chambers, The Relay Team, Marcus Kenny, Kevin Byrd and Mary Phillips, Igor Korsunskiy, David Baerwalde & Alex Martinez, and Mike Black with the addition of new music savants, Chamber Cartel adding their neo-classical talents to six of the ten dumpster environments.

Listen to an interview on WABE: http://wabe.org/post/elevate-puts-art-dumpster

Made possible by The City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs with significant support from cultural, community and Business Partnerships, ELEVATE is an Annual Fall Celebration that focuses creative energy, public art and cultural events in Downtown Atlanta. For more information please go to: elevateatlantaart.com and join the conversation here: facebook.com/ElevateAtlanta



Hybrid developments that assemble Art, Performance, Science, Design, Technology & Small Manufacturing entities in Built Environments that simultaneously operate as Centers for Contemporary Art & Performance. This blending of disciplines seeks to increase Atlanta's relevance, economic opportunity and market competitiveness. Goat Farm environments look to the future to trigger new thinking, new technologies and linking innovation and invention to the City of Atlanta. More information: https://www.facebook.com/TheGoatFarmArtsCenter




Deisha Oliver-Millar

Bang Arts!

The Goat Farm Arts Center/ Erikson Clock



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Second Story || #TRASHTAG

Hundreds of translucent blocks about 1 foot across in size have emoji and simple works printed on their faces. The blocks have magnets and stick to the exterior steel surfaces of the roll-a-way or each other. This is like magnetic poetry, except that the blocks ‘know’ their neighbors. Visitors arrange these blocks to form messages. Special ‘#’ blocks are oversized and fixed in key positions. An arrangement adjacent to the special blocks triggers a massaging action that tweets the crafted combination, and when the tweet occurs, a lighting effect happens within the connected blocks.



Second Story conceptualizes, designs, and develops interactive media experiences that enhance, inform, and entertain, pioneering new ways to inspire wonder and connect audiences to stories, ideas, and information. Our studio is intensely collaborative and collegial across all disciplines. Our team includes interaction designers, visual artists, content producers, copywriters, computer programmers and integration engineers.


Mike Black || Dumpster D{eye}v

With a desire for this piece to feel like a stumbled upon treasure, a surprise, DUMPSTER D{eye}V has an ultimate goal of pushing viewers to be more aware of her/his surroundings and be more a part of their “social city”. Utilizing objects that are so common they go overlooked, the piece is meant to be an accessible point of positivity.


Mike Black is a sculptor, installation artist, and painter, in no particular order. He works as a Public Art conservationist and restoration artist for the city of Atlanta. He is part of a small team that oversees the city's entire collection. His current personal project called, "the Disregard Series", is based around large scale, brightly painted PVC pipe installations. www.mikeblackart.blogspot.com

The Young Never Sleep || Jarawa

Jarawa will explore the contradictions between isolation & interaction and how these dualities persist and coexist in the realm of the "civilized" world.  The Jarawa performance and subsequent installation is an extension of Pandrogeny, which is an ongoing project of The Young Never Sleep Studio which seeks to examine the types of masking ritual that is common throughout ancient culture and in present-day ceremony through a contemporary lens. There will be a full performance of Jarawa on Friday October 17th.

#theyoungneversleep #pandrogeny #jarawa


The Young Never Sleep is the Atlanta-based, interdisciplinary studio of Branden M. Collins. Branden is also an Editorial Assistant at Qompendium. He is currently working as a designer at Cartoon Network & Adult Swim. His next solo exibition will be at in Atlanta’s Erikson Clock this November. http://theyoungneversleep.com/

Kris Pilcher || Well Wishes

Well Wishes will be a socially engaged wishing well created to bring a fantasy like eco-

system to the middle of an urban environment while collecting and preserving Atlanta resident’s Wishes for their city. This project is one part installation, one part social documentation, and one part participatory performance.


Kris Pilcher is an Atlanta artists that  is creating a new reality composed of the pieces of a present day situation.www.KrisPilcher.com

Dustin Chambers || Dumpster Obscura

The Dumpster Obscura works by projecting an inverted image of everything happening outside the dumpster onto the interior walls of the dumpster through a lens at one end. The effect can be mystifying, but its elemental simplicity makes for a powerful and interactive experience.


Through his photography, Dustin Chambers looks for the invisible, intangible elemental threads that unify everyone and everything. After graduating from Appalachian State University with a degree in English, a concentration in film studies, and a minor in French, Dustin worked for over four years as an assistant photo editor at Creative Loafing Atlanta. He also freelanced as an associate photo editor at CNN during that time. He is now a full-time freelance photographer and artist.


Relay Team || Social Synth

Two analog synthesizers and one analog drum machine will each cover one wall within

the dumpster. The cartoonishly large controls for these devices will be operable by anyone who enters the dumpster, and several people can play any given wall at once. The strobing and sequenced LEDs of each instrument will be the only light within the dumpster, giving the room a space-age atmosphere. Each knob, touch pad, switch, or jack will affect some aspect of the sound or lighting, and participants will need to experiment with these controls to learn their functions. Visitors will need to learn from each other’s experiences and cooperate to unlock the full possibilities of their environment.

Relay Team includes artists: William Kennedy, Greg O’Connell, Addison Adams, Ash Rickli

Marcus Kenney || Timeline

TimeLine is a large scale sculpture comprised of various discarded and recycled materials. These numerous materials will be organized to meet an aesthetic composition that when viewed as a whole will be a composite of our culture. However, upon closer inspection each individual element will be allowed to speak for itself and its own history.


Originally from rural Louisiana, Marcus Kenney has  lived in Savannah Georgia for the last 15 years. He earned a MFA from the Savannah College Of Art And Design in 1998.  Kenney works in many mediums including collage, sculpture, paint, photography and installation.His work has been exhibited in New York, London, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Hong Kong, Paris, New Orleans and St Louis. He has been included in numerous group shows, art fairs, and solo exhibitions including a major ten year survey featuring nearly 50 works.

Kenney has been featured in numerous publications including Art in America, Artpapers, NY Times, South Magazine, Oxford American, New American Painter, Boston Globe, Atlanta Journal Constitution and New York Arts Magazine. http://www.marcuskenney.com/About_Marcus

Kevin Byrd & Mary Phillips || A Grey Thought

A Gray Thought is a collaborative performance and installation created by Kevin Byrd and MaryGrace Phillips.The construction sized dumpster will be filled with sand and the jagged lines of Byrd's fluorescent lights to create a landscape window for Philllips' dance and performance. Images of rubble and after offer up an investigation of relinquishing and singularity against a backdrop of bright white and poetic sound sifting through the urban landscape.


Kevin Byrd,  a finalist for the Forward Arts Foundation Artist Award, he has recently exhibited at MOCA, MINT and The Goat Farm. He was also selected to participate in Wonder-Root’s inaugural Walthall Fellowship. Kevin’s work has been exhibited at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, THIS LA, One Twelve Gallery, MINT, Swan Coach Gallery, and Hambidge’s Annual Auction. He is a Dashboard Co-Op artist and Hambidge Fellow. www.kevinbyrd.com

MaryGrace Phillips is a dancer, performer, and choreographer who reads as if books were food and likes to dabble in poetry. In addition to her own work, she has most recently performed original work with Staibdance, Helen Hale Dance, Emily Christianson, Maryn Whitmore, Julie Rothschild, and collaboration with Erik Thurmond. Her performance has occurred across a spectrum of Atlanta venues including the Goat Farm, the High Museum, Skwhirlhaus, Dance Chance Atlanta, MINT Gallery, and Druid Hills Baptist Church. Mary Grace is a current Walthall Fellow for 2014-2015. http://marygracephillips.virb.com

David Baerwalde & Alex Martinez || Crystal Dumpster

Crystals are used by millions of people every second in almost all of our communication devices – in semi-conductors in phones, watches, computers, viewing screens – as well as countless other industries including chemical, manufacturing, solar energy, and even metaphysical practices. The goal of the Crystal Dumpster sculpture is to create a dynamic, engaging, interactive and beautiful object. Using rudimentary construction materials in conjuction with efficient, modern lighting and simple electronics, the sculpture will attract an audience and react to their mobile communication devices. The wood and plastic material transforms as the color-­shifting lights emanate from the interior of the large crystal cluster; the experience intensified by the public location as well as the juxtaposition of the glowing, translucent shapes protruding from the rough,  utilitarian dumpster. Crystals are used by millions of people every second in almost all of our communication devices in semi-­‐conductors in phones, watches, computers, viewing screens as well as countless other products in industries that include chemical, manufacturing, solar energy, and even metaphysical  practices. Crystals make  the Social City.



David Baerwalde - www.dbaerwalde.wix.com/site

Alex Martinez - www.alexmartinezphotography.com/

Igor Korsunskiy|| Allusion

Allusion is a subtle inner experience, created from a garbage dumpster transformed into a beautiful empty space. Enter into an immersive interactive installed space created for exploring the emotional, intellectual and physical self in one experience, intended to be subtle but powerful. Allusion is wasteful living juxtaposed with conscious awareness


Igor Korsunskiy was born in 1976 in the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan (Former USSR). At the age of 13 Igor was accepted to apprenticeship in the Yakov Frumgartz’s Studio where he studied for 4 years before he and his family immigrated to the US.


Chamber Cartel

This Atlanta new music super group will celebrate Music as Community. They will present several bite-sized concerts at various dumpsters of engaging contemporary music that will encourage social interaction, shared group experiences, and provoke thought. By taking the concert experience out of the concert hall and into the urban environment, we are forcing audience members to recontextualize classical music. By performing outdoors our hope is to bring people together and to make them aware of the art, beauty, and humanity that is always around them; something which may be lost in people's everyday downtown experience. Chamber Cartel would like these concerts to be catalysts of changing ideas about what music is, how music is performed, and how large the community in Atlanta is.


Chamber Cartel is a group of adventurous musicians seeking to find the rare, wonderful,

imaginative, and beautiful in contemporary music. http://www.chambercartel.com/Chamber_Cartel/News.html