Bang! Arts became a bonafide business in 2008 in the back gallery of Eyedrum.

We had big ideas back then. Big ideas. Those ideas and research developed around the nefarious rabbit hole of artist promotions. Folks producing some spectacular work had ideas on how it should be done but were finding that they didn't have the time to invest in their own storytelling (aka marketing, media relations, blogging, social media, etc). A majority of the folks we spoke with were finding that it was an overwhelming task to try and do it alone. So they started to seek us out.

Our very first client was Twain's Billiards and Tap in downtown Decatur. While they had a consistent music program running in this vast restaurant space filled with pool tables and craft brews, we booked talent, designed promotional items, designed their menu, ran their media relations and production managed their SpringFest series that benefited the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The owners, Ethan and Uri Wurtzel proved to not only be an amazing family to work with but also had a huge investment in their community as well as the environmental impact of their restaurant. After five years of handling talent in the space, the focus shifted (and rightfully so) to creating a menu founded in locally sourced meat and produce. Twain's is rad. You should eat there sometime.

Bang! has been a huge asset for our company Twain’s Billiards & Tap. We originally hired them as our booking agent, but they quickly became our press representative as well as in-house designer for every event we have. BANG’s easy- going and personable manner, knowledge, creativity, and passion have helped push our company to the goals that we have been trying to reach.
— Emily Strickland, former GM for Twain's Billiards and Tap

Out of talent booking for Twain's, we began working with local soul country act, Villain Family. Those guys kicked our asses. We have learned a lot working with one another. To this day, our arms are still linked in genuine affection for one another. That friendship with Villain Family bloomed and blossomed other relationships with many a musical outfit including: WALLER, Blair Crimmins and The Hookers, Ruby Velle and Soulphonics, Cute Boots, The Mar-Tans, Megan Jean and The KFB, Two Man Gentlemen Band and Book of Colors to name a few. We got to flex creatively with these wonderful groups via promotions around the Atlanta market. You should flex with them too -- they have a mighty mean set of guns.

Serving on the board of Eyedrum with Susannah Darrow led to our long standing relationship with BURNAWAY. You could say we got hitched we love them so hard. We get to step in and help production manage their events. Check em out -- they are one of THE BEST online magazines about the arts with a focus on Atlanta and the Southeast. You should read this daily. You will love art as much as they do when you are done.

Those relationships grew our talents for graphic design, cultivating new ties with a variety of media outlets, and creating content that our clients can actually use. We also enjoy writing about our experiences exploring our urban environments and getting lost on field trips to historic places around the state. #bangartsfieldtrip is thing.

It’s all about the relationships. If you hate my guts or I think you stink, how can I viably promote what you have to offer?!?
That would be screwed up and we would need to break up.
On the other hand, if we are a good fit for one another we have a magical situation on our hands.
— Deisha Oliver-Millar, CEO/Founder of BANG!

That brings us to today.

We get to call The Goat Farm Arts Center home. We also handle all of their media relations. You can check out who else we represent here on our client page.